At RF Technologies, our core business is high technology product development, innovation, service and advice. Our emphasis is on the combination of mobile computing and communications technologies (RF, WiFi, Bluetooth) to provide cost effective solutions across a broad range of industries.

As the electronics and communications industries continues to expand and devices become more pervasive in our everyday personal life and industry, RF Technologies is leading the way in offering real time, cost effective innovations and solutions.

RF Technologies has a modern computerised information and process control system which is a key factor in fast tracking manufacturing of product lines.

RF Technologies takes pride in keeping strong communication lines open with all customers. We recognise that plans can change quickly in this industry and communication forms the lynch pin for our mutual successes.

At the operational level, the staff of RF Technologies is a lean tight-knit team very focused in offering customers only the best in quality and service. Staff activity and training is directed towards delivering this quality on time, so as to always meet our commitments and wherever possible exceed the customers' expectations.

We now operate from a building which allows the business to operate far more efficiently, within the ambience of a single, larger, modern facility.


Our Company's motto: “Superior is the rule not the exception”.


RF Technologies management team brings solid design, manufacturing and testing experience

to take your project from the conception stage through to completion.




Technology Director

28 years experience in the design of RF & Microwave hardware for both commercial and military sectors.
19 years specialising in leading global engineering teams carrying out R&D into components and test equipment associated with the antenna line.
Co-founder of Filtronic Australia and Technical Director for 10 years;  Management buy-out of Filtronic Australia to create Triasx in 2005.
Cofounder of Triasx and Technical Director for 3 years until sale to Smiths Group in 2008.
Technical Director of Kaelus Site Solutions for over 5 years, including two years as Chief Technical Officer of Kaelus Division.
Led the team that invented the portable PIM instrument.  More than 10 registered patents and applications.
Silent shareholder in RF Technologies 2015;  Co-owner of RF Technologies 2017.




26 years as a Senior Manager in RF & Microwave hardware including 19 years leading component design and manufacturing companies in cellular/ mobile industry.
Cofounder of Filtronic Australia and Managing Director for 10 years;  Management buy-out of Filtronic Australia to create Triasx in 2005.
Cofounder of Triasx and Managing Director for 3 years until sale to Smiths Group in 2008.
President of Kaelus Site Solutions for 4 years, with two years secondment in Denver, Colorado USA.
Leadership in the invention and commercialisation of the portable PIM instrument.
Introduction of independent qualification testing for antenna line components through RF Technologies Australia in 2013.
Co-founder of Vecta in 2014;  Silent shareholder of RF Technologies 2013;  Co-owner of RF Technologies 2017.



General Manager / Engineering Manager

15 years experience in design of electronics for the Military, Industrial, commercial and consumer market applications.
7 years experience managing teams of engineers as Engineering Manager of RF Technologies.
4 years directly involved in embedded software, hardware and systems development.
Involved in electronic start-up in the design and development of home automation products and video streaming services in 2004.
Tertiary education including Masters of Engineering in 2003;  Bachelor of Technology in 2002;  Certificate IV in Small Business Management in 2008.





It is RF Technologies’ policy to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements with high quality products and services that conform to internationally recognized standards.





RF Technologies recognizes the importance of good environmental management and operates with environment procedures that involve all employees to undertake necessary actions to fulfil the policy’s requirements